Sunday, July 28, 2013

GoPro File Type and SD Card

The GoPro takes the tiny micro SD card so we had picked up a 64 GB one on our way home from the store.

Finally , it was time to insert the card and take a picture. The camera has numerous settings, but one site had recommended 4K with protrudes turned on. I shot my first three photos and tried to load them to the IPad. It didn't see the files.,masa me thing with the card reader and the computer and with the camera connected to the computer.


Next I tried 1080P with Protunes. Ipad couldn't recognize the files. Computer with card reader couldn't recognize the files, but computer connected to the files recognized the files. So, I could load them to the computer, transfer them to a regular SD card then load them on to the IPad.

But, but, but the photos were unacceptably washed out. I did more research and learned that Protunes is intended to used with an editing program. I turned Protunes off and the quality improved.

I also contacted Apple and GoPro. Neither had an answer to the problem of the Ipad not recognizing the files. I went to the Best Buy Geek Squad. They said that the problem was that the size of the SD card and recommended using 32GB. That solved the problem. Yeah!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

GoPro Housing Options

The GoPro has different housing options:

Front section:
Three side solid housing
Housing with side openings "Skeleton Housing" that allows an external mic.

Rear Waterproof Panels
Waterproof panel - flat
Waterproof panel - wide to accommodate extra battery or LCD screen
Touch panel --wide
Floaty Backdoor

Skeleton Panels Open in the Back to Allow More Sound than the Waterproof
Skeleton panel - flat
Skeleton panel - wide

Frame Only (no front or back)
Frame only narrow
Frame only wide

Maybe there are more. The result is that the rear panel at times needs to be taken off. Guess what ...

Right. More YouTube Videos

Not unlike Barbie doll clothes for different occasions . . .

GoPro Housing

The GoPro is sold in its plastic protective housing, which needs to be opened to insert a memory card. Again there are multiple YouTube videos about how to open the housing.

I try. No results.

Mule is more mechanically minded so I hand it to him. He tries. He sighs and watches a video. He tries again. He watches another video and tries again. He pronounces it broken.

I keep trying and it eventually opens.

The arrow that points to the rear of the housing, should be on the front side (instead of the top) of the housing and should be pointed up.

It and the button that moves sideways are pushed simultaneously to flip the catch up then back.

Alternative: Find a 12-year-old child to open it for you.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The YouTube videos are intended to be real time drives on scenic roads and walks in the parks.

The YouTube videos are a bit of a challenge. With the SLR cameras the pictures bounce around between looking straight down and staring at the sky. A pocket camera produced less bouncy pictures as long as I only walk one step per second, which is painfully slow to watch.

Perplexed, I contacted YouTube photographers with dash videos (taken while driving) and asked what equipment they used. One of the photographers, Jeff Nouwen, with a GoPro camera and from his motorcycle, created a beautiful video of the Going to the Sun road in Glacier Park.

Thus, I entered the GoPro world.

It is designed for extreme sports.

It can fall 1200' from a plane and survive.

Can be played with a grizzle bear.

And, can be used under water.

It's so not your average pocket camera that there are videos, that is multiple videos
that provide instructions of how to get it out of the box!

I found that these instructions are necessary.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Storage

We both love read. Mule reads hard copy books; Saunter on the IPad. Neither option will work will when we're on the road. A library of hard copy books will take up too much room and will weigh the car down. Electronic books on the the IPad will consume too much of the 10 hr battery life which is needed for maps, the internet, and posting to the blog and YouTube.

We had a nook, but it's battery life wasn't even as good as the IPad and it weighs more than kindles. (This matters when we are carrying them in our day packs.)

The two kindles are advertised as having an 8 week matter life, but then the details reveal that it's calculated at 1/2 hour per day. So that's a 28 hour battery life, plus less weight and cost.

Mule chose the Kindle Paperless so that he can adjust the brightness on the screen; Saunter chose the keyboard which includes the option of a robotic reading of the text.

We are both pleased with our choices. Even if the reading is still occurring on a living room couch.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Koolatron Arrives!

The Koolatron arrived.

We plan to travel "backpacking Europe" style, eating mostly nonrefrigerated items. And will use the cooler only for a few items when the car is running. Thus avoiding the need for extra batteries or solar power.

When plugged in, it'll use 3 of the 15 amps available.

Amp Usage
Koolatron 3.00
IPad 2.10
Kindell .85
Kindell (2nd) .85
Powershot batteries .70
SLR batteries
Cell phones

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Testing the Fit

With the cargo cover, we checked to see if everything fit.

When not sleeping,

  • the backseat has cooler, food box, day packs

    the cargo area has 2 suitcases (clothes, electronics, toiletry, etc),
    tent and footprints, thermarests, sleeping bags, pillows, chairs, Coleman stove, window covers).
  • When sleeping in the car,

    • move the suitcases, tent and footprints, and

    • day packs to the front passenger seat and the cooler, food box, Coleman to the drivers seat

    We could have use 2 20" thermarests to pad the sleeping area. But, decided to use the 2 30" ones that we will use in the tent. They are 3" thick and as comfortable as a good mattress.

    Everything fits!

  • Cargo Cover

    Yeah! The cargo cover arrived. from Amazon

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Ready for First Road Trip

    The navigator is ready for the first road trip in Mountain Aire

    The pilot is more than ready to hit the open road.

    Friday, July 5, 2013

    Clothing Storage

    We went back and forth on plastic containers versus suitcases for storage. Plastic can easily be cleaned, but can get a stuffy odor. Suitcases are harder to keep clean. but can be wheeled around and can be used for airline trips.

    Then I thought about using the storage containers to increase the length of the bed, by putting them behind the pulled forward front seats. We measured. The area would add 9" in length and would be 21" high, 16" wide.

    No plastic storage containers are available with these dimensions. but Eagle Creek makes 8" x 16" x 21" suitcases and they are on sale. (The zipper on our current suitcase is giving way.)

    So, I ask Mule to measure the area one more time. He returns with the answer, "The front seats are on gliders that will raise the height 3" and the headrests will prevent us from laying flat."

    He still doesn't want a platform because it will decrease the cargo height that we can sit up in.

    Ok. So, neither suitcases or plastic boxes will increase the length of the bed. But, these suitcases still fit perfectly in the area. And when the backseat is up, they line up nicely and can be opened in the cargo area.

    Did I mention that they are on sale for over 50% off? Our new suitcases should arrive this week. We'll keep out heavy up jackets, extra shoes, etc. in the old suitcase.

    Now, if it would only hurry up and be time to load the Mountainaire and be off our grand adventure!