Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Storage

We both love read. Mule reads hard copy books; Saunter on the IPad. Neither option will work will when we're on the road. A library of hard copy books will take up too much room and will weigh the car down. Electronic books on the the IPad will consume too much of the 10 hr battery life which is needed for maps, the internet, and posting to the blog and YouTube.

We had a nook, but it's battery life wasn't even as good as the IPad and it weighs more than kindles. (This matters when we are carrying them in our day packs.)

The two kindles are advertised as having an 8 week matter life, but then the details reveal that it's calculated at 1/2 hour per day. So that's a 28 hour battery life, plus less weight and cost.

Mule chose the Kindle Paperless so that he can adjust the brightness on the screen; Saunter chose the keyboard which includes the option of a robotic reading of the text.

We are both pleased with our choices. Even if the reading is still occurring on a living room couch.

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