Friday, July 5, 2013

Clothing Storage

We went back and forth on plastic containers versus suitcases for storage. Plastic can easily be cleaned, but can get a stuffy odor. Suitcases are harder to keep clean. but can be wheeled around and can be used for airline trips.

Then I thought about using the storage containers to increase the length of the bed, by putting them behind the pulled forward front seats. We measured. The area would add 9" in length and would be 21" high, 16" wide.

No plastic storage containers are available with these dimensions. but Eagle Creek makes 8" x 16" x 21" suitcases and they are on sale. (The zipper on our current suitcase is giving way.)

So, I ask Mule to measure the area one more time. He returns with the answer, "The front seats are on gliders that will raise the height 3" and the headrests will prevent us from laying flat."

He still doesn't want a platform because it will decrease the cargo height that we can sit up in.

Ok. So, neither suitcases or plastic boxes will increase the length of the bed. But, these suitcases still fit perfectly in the area. And when the backseat is up, they line up nicely and can be opened in the cargo area.

Did I mention that they are on sale for over 50% off? Our new suitcases should arrive this week. We'll keep out heavy up jackets, extra shoes, etc. in the old suitcase.

Now, if it would only hurry up and be time to load the Mountainaire and be off our grand adventure!

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