Sunday, July 28, 2013

GoPro File Type and SD Card

The GoPro takes the tiny micro SD card so we had picked up a 64 GB one on our way home from the store.

Finally , it was time to insert the card and take a picture. The camera has numerous settings, but one site had recommended 4K with protrudes turned on. I shot my first three photos and tried to load them to the IPad. It didn't see the files.,masa me thing with the card reader and the computer and with the camera connected to the computer.


Next I tried 1080P with Protunes. Ipad couldn't recognize the files. Computer with card reader couldn't recognize the files, but computer connected to the files recognized the files. So, I could load them to the computer, transfer them to a regular SD card then load them on to the IPad.

But, but, but the photos were unacceptably washed out. I did more research and learned that Protunes is intended to used with an editing program. I turned Protunes off and the quality improved.

I also contacted Apple and GoPro. Neither had an answer to the problem of the Ipad not recognizing the files. I went to the Best Buy Geek Squad. They said that the problem was that the size of the SD card and recommended using 32GB. That solved the problem. Yeah!

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