Saturday, July 13, 2013

Testing the Fit

With the cargo cover, we checked to see if everything fit.

When not sleeping,

  • the backseat has cooler, food box, day packs

    the cargo area has 2 suitcases (clothes, electronics, toiletry, etc),
    tent and footprints, thermarests, sleeping bags, pillows, chairs, Coleman stove, window covers).
  • When sleeping in the car,

    • move the suitcases, tent and footprints, and

    • day packs to the front passenger seat and the cooler, food box, Coleman to the drivers seat

    We could have use 2 20" thermarests to pad the sleeping area. But, decided to use the 2 30" ones that we will use in the tent. They are 3" thick and as comfortable as a good mattress.

    Everything fits!

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