Saturday, July 20, 2013


The YouTube videos are intended to be real time drives on scenic roads and walks in the parks.

The YouTube videos are a bit of a challenge. With the SLR cameras the pictures bounce around between looking straight down and staring at the sky. A pocket camera produced less bouncy pictures as long as I only walk one step per second, which is painfully slow to watch.

Perplexed, I contacted YouTube photographers with dash videos (taken while driving) and asked what equipment they used. One of the photographers, Jeff Nouwen, with a GoPro camera and from his motorcycle, created a beautiful video of the Going to the Sun road in Glacier Park.

Thus, I entered the GoPro world.

It is designed for extreme sports.

It can fall 1200' from a plane and survive.

Can be played with a grizzle bear.

And, can be used under water.

It's so not your average pocket camera that there are videos, that is multiple videos
that provide instructions of how to get it out of the box!

I found that these instructions are necessary.

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