Monday, August 5, 2013

GoPro as a Dash Cam

We had already tested the GOPro as a dash camera, mounted on the windshield and liked the results. Last weekend, we took it on a road trip from the intersection of 33/36/89 in Lassen National Forest.


We attached the battery pack and plugged it into the power inverter. The red flashing light that indicates the camera is recording was visible on the back of the battery pack.

However, we learned the power inverter was able to keep both the GoPro and IPad fully charged, so we removed and battery pack and attached the LCD screen. The first problem was that the red flashing light doesn't appear on the LCD screen. Even worse, the camera turned off every fifteen minutes.

Next, we used the camera with neither the batter pack or LCD screen. It remained fully charged and the red flashing light on the back of the camera was visible.

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