Thursday, April 10, 2014

Escape from the Suburbian Curtain (Day 1)

We finally crawled out from under the suburbian curtain . . . Don't Fence Me In.

National Geographic published a book Drives of a Lifetime, which contains 500 drives from throughout the world.

One of the drives starts at Olancha, goes through Death Valley National Park, and ends at Death Valley Junction.

It didn't sound inviting but friends and family said it was worthwhile, so somewhat unenthusiastically, we headed for Olancha. Olancha had a jerky shop, one gas station, one restaurant that closed at about 8:00, and a population of about 100. We ate dinner at the restaurant . . . There were no other options. Note to self: always carry at least one meal in the car.

From the restaurant it was a short drive to Panamint Spring Resort where we spent the night and discovered an other dining option was across the street.

The above photo is at Cosco Junction, where we purchased gas. There is also a rest stop there.

The following two photos are where we had dinner in Olancha.


  1. Looks like the food at Denny's was the better choice. Did that sign by gas station read "SNAKES"???

    1. Yup. Looking out for sidewinders would kinda ruin a picnic for me.