Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hermit's Rest Route - Remainder (Day 8)

We are beginning to fall into a pattern that rests on sunset.

6:00 to 6:30 (ten hours after crawling into our sleeping bags) get up

Spend the next 3 hours getting ready for the day, sorting pictures, answering emails (I'm so happy to get emails), reading the blogs that I subscribe to, and writing the blog.

Take pictures. Mule takes longer than me, so I read on my Kindle while he's shooting away.

4:00 Dinner - the Market Deli seems the place to be. it's right next to a Grocery store.

Go to the chosen site for sunset pictures. We've been arriving at 6:00, the beginning of the golden hour. We need to arrive earlier because the best spots are already taken at 6:00.

6:00 - 7:00 Shoot sunset pictures.

Today we finished the Hermit's Rest Route. The snack bar at the end had a very limited choice and none of the sugary stuff appealed to us --- although I like sweets.

I'm not that found of heights but have been doing ok. The park literature says to stay 6' from the edge (strong gusts of winds and crumbling edges). However, there are numerous signs with people standing on the edge and some of the paths are right on the edge --- not always with a rock or rail border. I watched parents settle the preschool children on the edge for pictures and I guess enough was enough. I remember how easily I tripped and broke by wrist last year. That would be nothing compared to tripping over the edge. Mule goes into a perfect roll if he trips, but going over of the edge wouldn't soften the fall much. Anyway after watching the children for awhile, even the bench was too close to me and I sat on the wall, facing the road, happily reading my Kindle.

Then Mule came to get my camera (his camera battery went dead) to take one picture. An hour later he still hadn't returned so I had to walk along the path on the edge to find him. He was happily talking to the ranger about condor nests. He's hoping to see and photograph condors.

After dinner, we returned to the Hopi viewpoint (on the Hermit's Rest route) for sunset pictures. I was tired so I read while Mule took pictures. At 7:00, the shuttle bus returned us to the shuttle buss connection, which stopped at Market Plaza where our car was.

We drove off, feeling pleased that we now now know our way around. We drove and drove and drove. I saw the sign for Apache Stables, which I know is outside of the park. We had unknowingly driven out of the park! We turned around, drove back into the park, first turn on the right, first turn on the right, past the showers, and we were back to the campground at 8:00. In our sleeping bags by 8:30. Mule thought he heard something hitting the tent, maybe bugs, but despite looking with the light and listening we couldn't figure it out (we didn't go outside to look). Maybe it was the wind.

Minor Mishaps:
We ordered a filter for my camera and lens caps, but forgot to order a filter for Mule's camera. The one he has leaves edges on the photograph.
Mule forgot to carry extra camera batteries.
We accidentally drove out of the park.

Camera or lens drops: NONE. I now loop the camera bag zipper loops in and out, sp there no possibility of it coming unzipped.

Hoping for a warm, restful night. Mule took Advil; his center back muscles ache from lifting the camera so much.

Above: The bench that was too close to the edge:). The pack is where I was sitting. A stranger was sitting on the bench.
Below: Mule

Mule deer by the bus stop. The driver waited for me to click the picture.


  1. LOVED the last photo the best, would make a great poster. These photos were worth Mule having to take the advil. Thanks for sharing.
    I'd stay away from the bench too.