Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hermits Rest - First Part (Day 6)

We slept blissfully warm for 11 hours. It's great to not be exhausted.

In the morning, we caught up on five days of blog postings and picture sorting while charging our devices at the Wendy's just outside the park. Then in the afternoon, we took the shuttle bus,to the first view points on the Hermits Rest route.

Mule walked up and down all the paths. I stayed on the flat areas. We ate deli sandwiches at Market Plaza then spent sunset at Lipan Point and the next unnamed point to the west.

In all of our years of owning cameras, we've only broken one lens and no cameras. That was when I tripped on tree branches, fell, and the Canon OD lens hit the ground. Canon fixed it but it never focused correctly again. So far on this trip, Mule left the zipper of the camera case open and my telephoto lens crashed to the asphalt in the Parhumph parking lot. Happily the lens appears ok. Next, Mule was holding my camera in the passenger seat, I hit the brakes, and the camera fell to the floor. Again no damage. Next, at one of the Hermits Rest view points, I dropped my camera. The B&W filter shattered. Nearest camera shop is Page or Flagstaff, both hours away. Sigh. Lastly, while taking pictures as sunset, Mule lost the lens cover to his wide angle lens. I so hope that this is the last of our camera troubles. We've done extensive camping with them before and haven't had a problem (the OD episode was during a day hike near our home.)

Notes to self:
When in the car, if the camera is not in the camera bag, rest it in the cup holder.
Carry extra lens filters and caps.

Since my feet were toasty last night, I'm wearing only the regular socks tonight --- no ski socks. But, I'm still keeping the foot pillow, quilt, and coat on my feet. Hoping for the best :)

Following pictures are from the Hermits Rest route

Market Plaza Deli supper. My Dad's friend, Jeanne S. taught me to take pictures of vacation meals
. . . But, we're hungry and start eating before we remember :)

Wildlife on the way to Lipan Point. They hang out along the road and in Trailer Village (We took a wrong road that lead to Trailer Village, near Market Plaza.)

Sunset at Lipan Point. The parking lot was full and cars were parked very which way in the road. I sat with the car while Mule took the photographs. We think this is where the lens cap went missing. We went back and searched, but it wasn't there. There are a lot of SLR cameras with tourists at the park.


  1. I am anxiously waiting for an update. It's been two days since your last post on 4/15. Come on! Keep it up. I feel lost.


  2. Sorry about hear about the filters & caps. Their lost must not make a difference, because the photos are excellent.
    Greatly enjoying your posts.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. We're having a great time.