Sunday, April 13, 2014

Highway 89A Sedona Area -Drive of a Lifetime (Day 4)

This drive (Hwy 89A Flaggstaff to Sedona) and the excursion to Highway 179 to I-17 are part of the Highway 89 drive that is included in the National Geographic book Drives of a Lifetime.

It passes the red cliffs of Sedona and is so popular that the traffic was bumper to bumper from Flaggstaff to I-17. We walked around the tourist area of Sedona, which had the ambiance of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco; however the theme was "New Age" versus "San Francisco."

We had reservations at Deadhorse Ranch State Park (back up through the traffic to Sedona then west out of town), about a two hour drive in the traffic. It didn't sound worth the drive and the Grand Canyon was only two hours away.

So, we drove to the Grand Canyon --- no lodge rooms or camping sites were available. Our reservations were still two hours away - Deadhorse Ranch.

We drove to the site that we had reserved beginning with the following night. The occupant hadn't arrived, but the park has no arrival deadline. We ate Subway sandwiches for dinner and waited and waited . . .

I asked another camper if we could share his site for the night. He said yes. But, Mule didn't want to set up the tent for only one night and we couldn't sleep in the car unless we cluttered the site with our stuff. I waited and waited at our site for the occupant to arrive.

He arrived and said that we could set up our tent and share the site! This also worked out great for him because we let him stay an extra day on our reservation. A win-win!

It took Mule about 1 1/2 hours to set up the tent and put our stuff in it.

We went to bed, pleased that we were settled in for at least a week.

Pictures of the Sedona area:

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