Monday, April 21, 2014

Housekeeping (Day 11)

Even camping in a six person tent has housekeeping detail. (Our tent by the way has more square feet than some of the houses on

We've used up some supplies (Kleenex, cokes, etc) and mailed some things home. So we took everything out and reorganized it. For clothing, instead of having like things together (shirts), I grouped it by outfits into mesh bags. (Each of my outfits has three layers, a colored tee-shirt, short sleeved blouse, and sweatshirt. Mule only wears short sleeve polo type shirts. Sometimes, we both wear a coat.) And, of course, along with housekeeping is laundry day.

Following that, we spent the day in camp, reading, watching the elk.

Before coming, I wrote to the park rangers and asked about bear lockers. The ranger replied that at the Grand Canyon, not bears, but ravens are the problem. Today, the ravens decided they had been invited to breakfast at the site next to us. They walked around the table, selecting their tidbits, scattering and tearing apart paper and foil, overturning and scattering silverware. One found what looked to be a half a loaf of French bread and had quite a time breaking it apart.

Meanwhile, the elk grazed, looking as gentle as a horse. But, I restrained myself from going over to hug and pet them.

I met the first person on the trip who is traveling similar to us. She's traveling in a camper and said that the disadvantage is that whenever she moves the truck, she has to bungee cord or tie everything down. We gave her some maps and may see her further up the trail, although it is doubtful because she doesn't stay in one place as long as us. She's making the circuit of the National Parks in California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Whew! makes me tired just thinking about that much moving.

I checked the weather forecast. It's in the teens in one of the places that we're planning on visiting. I hope it warms up.

From the comments I received, my opinion of rattlesnakes seems fairly common. Avoid, avoid, avoid them. But, my dad can remember him and his father walking through a nest of rattlesnakes without getting bit. I read today that only one person has died from a rattlesnake in the Grand Canyon. The snake coiled, shook it's rattles, the man stepped back, had a heart attack from fear, and died. Nevetheless, my light goes with me at night. More people fall into the canyon than die from rattlesnakes.

Mishaps today: 0 I hope. I may have mailed an unsigned check. I hope not.

Pictures taken today: 0 The attached ones are from yesterday's walk on the Rim Trail. The subjects remain the same, just different angles and lighting. Mules sorting through the photos to-date, deleting some.

Times we've used the camp stove: 0


  1. An entertaining read. Glad the Raven's didn't picked your camp site to pillaged. Refraining yourself from hugging the elk, is probably wise.

    1. Probably so. Either me or the elk would have got hurt the rangers would have found out, and I'd have gotten a hefty fine. Once I left an unopened diet coke in my car at Yosemite; the ranger left a warning note that the fine could be a few thousand dollars. Thank goodness, it was a warning and not a ticket! Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you're enjoying it.