Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hwy 89 > Flagstaff; Sunset at Desert View (Day 7)

We slept well and my toes were toasty warm. But, Mule was tired from so much walking up and down stairs and said that the sky was too whited out for good pictures so we took advantage of the day to drive the stretch of Highway 89 from the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff, where the Grand Canyon General Store had said we could find our UV filter and lens cap.

On the way we stopped at the Tusyan ruins in the park, which were like many ruins ... One or two layers of stones in a circle. We also stopped at the Wupatki National Monument, which we saw on our last visit to the Grand Canyon (with my family). At this site, we stayed only long enough to view the Painted Desert in this distance.

At Flagstaff, Penny's sent us to Best Buy. Best Buy to Radio Shack. Radio Shack said there are no camera stores or place to buy the filter and cap in Flaggstaff. So we headed back, enjoying the golden pastures and Painted Desert in the distance.

We reached Grand Canyon's viewpoint Desert View in time to enjoy watching the sun go down over the canyon, Little Colorado River, and Painted Desert.

On the way home, we saw mule deer grazing, in the dark, beside the road. They ignored headlights, even when I sat with them directly in the headlights. I wanted to take a picture, but Mule was concerned that I was bothering them, Last night we saw elk grazing in the dark beside the road. We see signs that say there are cougars in the area, but we haven't seen one.

So far on National Geographic's Highway 89 Drive of a Lifetime, we drove 89A (the old Highway 89) from Flagstaff to Sedona and 89 from Flagstaff to Highway 64 (the turn off to the Grand Canyon). We decided not to drive Highway 89 through the desert to Nogales.

Mishaps: 2

  • My camera bag was unzipped again. I don't know if that happened due to being distracted or a faulty zipper. From now on, I only zip it closed to the bottom of the bag (verses zipping up). The camera and normal lens fell out. Once again, due to no fault of my own, the camera and lens are still working. I'm glad that my guardian angel is keeping up with our travels.

  • We're stopped at a view point overlooking The Little Colorado River Gorge and about 5 miles down the road, Mule realized his monocular was missing. We drove back and it wasn't there. We drove a few more miles and I reached into the Kleenex box. There it was, where he had forgotten he had put it for safe keeping. Yeah!

Hoping for another restful night.

Above: Highway 64 looking toward the Painted Desert

Above: On the way to Flagstaff, looking toward the peaks behind Flagstaff.

Below: HIghway 64 on the way back, looking at the Little Colorado River Gorge.

Below: Desert View at sunset. Mary Coulter designed the Watch Tower to look ancient, taking care so that no tool marks in the stones reveal itstrue age. The tower portion is 70' and the kiva is 40'


  1. Silly me. I didn't realize the blog was updated on 4/16. The Canyon looks pretty, but the scene that keeps popping up on my mind is the top picture. How did he fit into a car this size with all necessities, plus a wife?


  2. For sleeping, we had a tail veil to extend the length. For in between sites, the back is down to transport stuff. once we're situated and the tent is set up, it's back to having a back seat. We're thinking of doing it different when we next change sites.