Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh Oh (Day 14)

By the time Mule returned for taking sunset shots, I was feeling nausea. It didn't take long for the situation to become worse. Every 20 minutes, shaking, extreme abdominal cramps with the consequences. By morning, I was dehydrated, but couldn't keep water down. Mule notified the ranger, who called the ambulance.

The emergency workers were so gentle and nice and seemed to be happy in their jobs. Soon, I was transported

the Grand Canyon clinic, where the staff was also very gentle and nice.

Three or four people tried multiple places to draw blood and find a vein for a saline solution. Unfortunately, I was too dehydrated. So, they gave me Zortac pills (which dissolve on the tongue) to calm the nausea and I rested there for a few hours before returning to camp to finish recuperating. It could have been either a virus or food poisioning. I think food poisioning.

The new Columbia hat.


  1. don't send stove home, you may need to cook, in order to avoid the food poisoning. Hope your feeling better. You did get good shots of the clinic & fire department.

  2. Thanks. Cooking seems to be a low priory for us. I read that even the Copenhagen restaurant that was deemed the best restaurant in the world for three years, food poisoned about 70 customers. I guess it happens. Glad it's not that frequent.