Sunday, April 27, 2014

Relaxing (Day 16)

I wanted toast for breakfast so we went to a Best Western that we discovered at Ghe edge of town. After breakfast, Mule walked out to Shoshone Point, where there are covered and uncovered picnic tables. Meanwhile, I read in the quiet parking entrance to the trail. Afterwards we went to the 5:00 dinner seating at Best Western.

The temperatures are in the teens in Wyoming and a Yellowstone ranger suggested waiting to come in June (at which time we also have reservations).

Also, I had had the blogs of other people doing the same thing. It seemed most simplified and took less after they got some experience. So, I packed minimal . . . I thought. We have too much stuff and it's getting in our way. I'd like to go home to drop some of it off.

So, if the tent is dry tomorrow, we might drive home. If I don't tired out, I'd like to do it in one day. It's a 12 1/2 hr drive, going by way of Hwy 40 to Barstow.

Two elk bulls were grazing on a strip of lawn at the front of Best Western. One photographer walked closer and closer. An elk pawed the ground. The photographer walked closer. The elk started to charge. The photographer backed off.


  1. I take that the photographer who got too close wasn't you:)

  2. Great shots, very kind of the other photographer to set them up for you. The elk look like lawn statues. Drive home safely.

    1. thanks. the elk are so relaxed that it's easy to forget they are wild and to keep a safe distance.