Thursday, April 24, 2014

Transient (Day 13)

This morning, we tried to heat a regular coffee pot, using the power inverter. The water was heating, but the inverter cord became so hot that I pulled the plug. That's ok. I sat in the deli, drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream, and getting ready to settle into my novel.

We still haven't used the camp stove. We get up around 6:00 in the morning and it's too cold to want to mess with the stove. We return home just before dark and are exhausted. We're considering shipping it home. It feels like we have way too much stuff. Maybe I'll look through everything one more time, to see what can be shipped home. I brought some editing workbooks with me, but I'm usually too tired to want to read them. Maybe I'll ship them home.

The northwest winds dropped to 15 miles per hour; the predicted low for the day is 25 degrees, the high 60 degrees. Sky is covered with white clouds so Mule didn't want to take pictures. It's beginning to look like that's a typical weather pattern, cloudy in the morning and maybe clear off in the afternoon. It takes a week to see the rim; but for photography, extra time is needed to account for days whited out by clouds, windy with dust, etc.

We took the shuttle to Hopi Pt and Mohave so theta Mule could select where he wanted to be for his sunset shot. Then we ate at the Miswoki Lodge. Afterwards, I was tired and so waited in the CRV while went back to take some sunset shots.

The Grand Canyon feels more of a transient park than Yosemite. The lodges don't have comfortable lounges (like Yosemite's Ahawnee and Curry Village) with fireplaces that visitors sit around and visit, read, check email, etc. Most of the other campers seem to stay for only one or two nights.

However, the shuttle bus services most of the rim, except the eastern rim. The drivers are fun and tell interesting stories.

We got acquainted with two more services, under less than delightful circumstances.

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