Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vehicles (Day 12)

Wind gusts were about 30-35 miles an hour today, so we relaxed all day, which was nice. We've seen everything, so we get to meander around, just enjoying the sites, reading, meeting new people.

I met another couple who are also on a camping road trip. They have a car the size of an Honda Odyseey. They also have a hard car top carrier. We should have purchased one; and, if I can find a convenient place, I'm going to buy one. They also had their car painted with a colorful mural. I wish I had taken a picture of it,

Like the Jucy rentals, they have a kitchen in the back of the car. We don't need the kitchen and in Wyoming, I don't want the car to smell like food and invite the bears to break into it. It's interesting that Jucy restricts travel to Alaska and Death Valley, but not to bear country.

Their queen size bed unfolds when the front seat moves forward. When not sleeping, they have stuff stored on it. Instead of having an extra queen size bed on top of the car, they had a hard top carrier. I'm going to buy one as soon as it becomes convenient. We have too much stuff to sleep in the car with the everything in it and I don't like leaving it exposed outside of the car while we sleep . . . both due to potential theft or poisonous reptiles and insects looking for a warm place to slumber.

The, like the woman we met yesterday, are traveling at a much faster pace than us. Going from Arizona, up to Canada, and down the Pacific Coast in a mere two months. Having read the blogs for the past year and a half, a message that seem clear is to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.

Cruise America is the other popular rental that we see. It comes for 3, 5, and 7 people and appears to have all the comforts of home. The blogs have included people downsizing from an RV to van that has been converted to a mini-RV. The problem with RC's, 5th wheels, and trailers is that not all sites can accommodate them so it is less likely that a camping site will be available.

And, of course many other choices . . .

Including. The modified Mercedes Sprinter ..

And, our personal favorite . . .

Come join the fun!

Mishaps today: 0

Wildlife seen: (Mule has never heard of counting wildlife and thinks it's a funny thing to do. My family also counted wildlife, so it's second nature to me. Today we saw

1 herd of 13 antlerless elk
1 group of 3 black tailed does

Times we've used the camp stove so far: 0


  1. Like how your car is set-up now. The jucy one would probably scare the wildlife away, then the counting would be 0. Did you pack a camp stove? I would love camping without the cooking.

  2. We packed a camp stove, but it's been years since we camped and cooked. We make do with deli' sand fresh fruit and vegetables.

  3. I didn't know you can fit a full size bed in a van, not to mention a queen size one. You probably don't want a carrier that size on your car's roof. It's going to make the car top heavy and catches all the cross wind that will make driving on a straight line an adventure. You probably want something with much lower profile.

    1. It agree. I'm still trying to eliminate enough stuff that when we sleep in the back, everything will fit into the front seat. If not, I'm still struggling with a soft versus hard box. We go into very grimy environments and if something is on the roof, it can't go through the car wash.