Wednesday, April 2, 2014

National Geographic Volcanic Legacy Drives of a Lifetime

On the Volcanic Legacy Drives of a Lifetime, 3 routes lead north-south: I-5 from Red Bluff to Weed, CA 80 and Highway 97, and 44 to 89 to 299 to 149. CA 89 through Lassen Volcanic National Park is our favorite route.

Lassen Volcanic National Park Auto Tour

Unfortunately, the road closes for the winter.

However, I hoped that, due to the lack of snowfall, the road would open by this week. The two pictures below are from the park webcams:

Even more snow fell, and the snow depth at the south entrance was 4'. Still, I rechecked the website.

We would be going north on I-5. At Red Bluff, we stopped to eat at the Rocking R at the Antelope Blvd. turnoff,

And, the navigator/Mule cleaned our bug splattered windshield.

I rechecked the road condition website. No change. We continued north on I-5, under mostly blue skies. (Although just before the Siskiyou Pass, green bugs rained down on the windshield. Trying to clean them with automatic spray and windshield wipers just smeared them.)

A ramp for runaway big rigs in case their breaks give out.

This is not Shasta Lake, for which we couldn't get a photo from the car. But we did see the bald spots in the lake floor with no water.

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