Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where's the Pony Express? (Day 15)

We asked the Grand Canyon Village how to receive mail General Delivery.

Employee A pointed to a sign and said "Your name, % General Delivery, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023"' which was the same address as on the sign.

So, we ordered our camera parts on Thursday and paid the extra charge for two business day delivery.

Hopefully, we went in on Saturday. it wasn't there. Since the store is closed on Fridays, we weren't even sure that it would be mailed before Monday.

Nevertheless, we returned on Monday. Still no package. Same thing on Tuesday, but I received a notice saying it had been shipped, which meant to me that I should receive it by Thursday. Thursday, still no package. But, by then I had received an e-mail from the vendor with the tracking number and so I was able to look up it's status.

The address is incompete? What the heck?

So, I look it up on-line and it appears that there are two post offices at the Grand Canyon: the one at Grand Canyon Village and one at north rim. So, I call the vendor and he adds Grand Canyon Village and the post office phone number to the UPS address.

Since, it's in Flagstaff, we figure that it will be delivered on Friday.

Friday, we return and Employee A says "'We don't have anything for you." Then adds, "UPS doesn't like to deliver to General Delivery."

It's starting to appear that we won't receive the package.

Next, I receive a tracking e-mail stating that it had been delivered and signed for.

I return to the post office. Employee A says it has't been received. I say it was signed for by xxxxx. Employee A replies, "Well, we get about 200 packages and haven't sorted them yet. We're open tomorrow 11-1."

In the afternoon, we again return, just in case they finished sorting.

The Employee B says, 'the package isn't here.'

I reply 'It was signed for by xxxx.'

Employee A, "Oh, well, he is in Xanterra Purchasing."

Next, we find an Xanterra employee, who offers to guide us to XanterraPurchasing and there is our little package. :)

So, that was all Friday. Today is Saturday and I'm still recovering.

Here's today's forecast. Mule thinks it's beautiful and grand.


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better after your visit to the medical center. Good to know they have one that worked for you. Looks like you're learning the ropes early in the trip. Hope the weather warms up for you. Take care of yourselves.

  2. What an experience! I didn't know what you had been through after missing your blogs for a couple of days. Remember to slow down before you proceed. Take care.

  3. Mule must love snow, if he thinks the weather is grand. Stay warm & dry, slow down until your feeling better. Happy your still able to write your blog.