Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will it fit? (Home Day 2)

We went through everything and eliminated anything that wasn't essential to purpose. We packed and repacked, trying consolidated and rearranging to take up the least space.

Today was the practice run to learn if it all could fit in the car while we slept in the back. I loaded everything in to the front seat and it didn't fit. I took everything out. I loaded the foldable lawn chairs, tripods, and camera bags in the gap between the front seats and the folded down back seats. They fit. Next I loaded the suitcases onto the front passenger seat. They fit. Lastly, I loaded the tent bag and back packs onto the driver's seat. They fit!

We can sleep in the car . . . without removing everything in the car.

Tomorrow: try to clean the interior car of the debri and fine dust.

PS: The weather is still cold and wet in Wyoming. We are glad we decided to wait for the weather to clear.


  1. That's a lot of packing & unpacking of the car. Happy to hear everything now fits. If you en up needing rain boots, try plastic bags over your shoes and a non-flood zone.