Friday, May 30, 2014

Enroute from Medford to Yellowstone

We're arrived in Medford on Thursday and left at 6:23 on Friday morning. Not knowing if it would take us two or three days to search Yellowstone, about an 18 hour drive.

We drove past Klamath Falls.

Tiny farming communities

and for miles and miles, dodge hundreds of tiny rodents about the size of a chipmunk. Several would dart back and forth on the road, going every which way, unable, to make up their minds.

If I stops, they kept darting around. There were many corpses on the road. Happily, none were killed by our car.

Next, we passed Lake Albert, which is 1,000 years old and too alkaline to swim in.

Drove on and on and on

Then we reached the Idaho border, about 9 hours into the drive and the first potential place to spend the night.

We refilled the gas tank, cleaned the bugs off the windows, bought sandwhiches to eat in the car, and turned south into Idaho.

At Twin Falls, we decided to continue on. At Pocatello, we continued on. At Idaho Falls, we saw a sign for a campsite 68 miles up the road, so decided to continue on.

It was 11:30 when we reached Ashton, 17 hours after leaving Medford, having stopped only for gas, to clean to windshields, and for sandwiches to eat in the car. It was only an hour more to reach Yellowstone.

But, I pulled off the highway, into the motel next to the highway. I had no idea where the next camp site or rest stop was. Due to my experience at the Frontier Motel in Winnemucca, I looked at the room before renting it.

One bed was too saggy, but it had two beds and the other one was ok. The neon light filtered through the blinds, but it was clean. So, although it was expensive for what it was, I took it and after we fell asleep, we slept soundly.

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