Thursday, May 1, 2014

Powder (Home Day 3)

According the literature, many types of soil exist in Arizona, including one that is so that it accumulates organic matter much slower than normal. I think that this is the powdery, adhesive soil that clung to our tent footprints and car.

I tried washing the footprints by hand . . . over and over. Still when it dried, the red powder was still on it. Finally, Mule put them in the washing machine and they came out clean.

Today was the day to re-try to clean the car. It had already tried three times and yet, the powder remained.

I decided to clean the upholstery and carpeting first. I had found that pieces of tape picked it up, so I went to our local Target store to look at sticky products. I purchased a Evercare pet hair roller. It worked. I cleaned the carpeting and holsters knew foot at a time and eventually they were clean.

However, the car rubber floor mats, doors, console, dash board, etc. still had a red powder film. We tried washing them one more time. When they dried, the powder remained. My father suggested a Swiffer duster. We used it to clean the dashboard, console, doors, and rubber floor mats.

Finally, the car is clean. I hope that Wyoming dirt is easier to clean. I don't know though, because Yellowstone has it's own sandstone canyon. At least now, we know the products to use.

The forecast for Yellowstone is still rain and snow showers. If we'd stuck to our original plans, we'd have been setting up camp today. I'm glad to be at home, warm and dry.

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