Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yellowstone: June 1, Sunday. Set up Camp, Canyon Views, East Entrance

We drove from Madison to Canyon to register for our campsite and sign in. The lady said that the previous visitor had not yet checked out and to return at 11:00. Do, we drove the the Canyon overlooks, which we had not seen before. We walked down the dozen or so steps to a viewpoint, which was easy. But, coming back up left us a little breathless, which we assume is due to the altitude.

We returned to the registration desk. The campers still had not left, so they told us to come back in a 1/2 hour. When we returned for the third time, we signed in and discovered that the ranger had assigned to us one of the sites which we had requested for the entire time! Yeah, we only have to set and take down the tent once.

Next, we set up camp, which took 2 hours. This means when we move camp, it takes 2 hours to take the camp down, driving time, please 2 hours to reset up the camp.

We tried the Lodge dining room. Not wanting elk or bison or trout, our lunch choices were limited.

After lunch, we drove out to Fishing Bridge.

And continued on to the East Entrance. While watching the bighorn sheep, one of the other tourists told us about another site.

So, we went to the other site, Butte Lake Overview, and saw a grizzly bear at the bottom of the hill,

talked to a lot of people, and

watched an elk calf wait for it's mother to return from grazing.

We stopped at the Lake Hotel, but I didn't like the menu. We drove to the Lake Deli, but it was closed. We drove back to the Canyon, where everything except the dining room was closed. Mule had another hamburger and I had pasta.

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