Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yellowstone: June 12, Thursday Hayden Valley

It was supposed to rain, so we decided to do laundry. I put the quarters In two machines and turned them on.

Thirty minutes later, I returned to put the clothes in the dryer and discovered that one of the machines hadn't turned all the way on. I started it Nd put the other Los in the dryer.

Thirty minutes later, I removed the delayed load from the washer and put them in a second dryer.

My first load finished, we folded them and then waited for the second load. When Mule returned to check them, he discovered that the heating element was broken and the clothes weren't drying. Management returned our money and we restarted the. In another dryer. End result was that laundry took 3 hours

in the meantime, I decided to transfer Mule's pictures from the IPad to the Surface Pro. They consisted of three albums that I hadn't edited at all and one alb lim of bear pictures that included 2 pictures that I had cropped. I copied them to the Surface Pro then deleted them for the IPad. The IPad is only 64 GB and doesn't have a recycle bin.

Next I went back to the Surface Pro to admire the picture bear coming coming out of the river with a fish in its mouth and the one of the bear sitting in the bank, looking out at the river. I learned that the album with edited pictures had not copied. There were no backups.

So, from now on, everything is copied to the Surface Pro then copied to the IPad. Hard lesson to learn. Mule is less upset than me. But it had taken him most of yesterday to take the pictures.

The bison had lost much of their winter coat.

We don't know why the cow and calf were standing in the river while the rest of the herd was grazing nearby

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