Monday, June 2, 2014

Yellowstone: June 2 (Part 1 of 2) Monday. Shoshone Road

It's been down-pouring off and on and it's suppose to not rain today. Yeah!

The laundry attendant told us that she saw two bighorn sheets butting heads on the north Shoshone road (Highway 20), in the way to Cody. We don't know if the sheep are there all year, so we decided to drive to Cody and if we have time to drive the south Shoshone Road.

Enroute to Cody, we only saw a couple of bison. But, the scenery was beautiful.

In the park, going towards the East Entrance.

Out of the park, Highway 20 (North Shoshone Road)

South Shoshone Road

We didn't go to the end of the road because it was so rough. It is a bighorn winter reserve. We didn't see any. Maybe they've gone to the high country.

We did see a lot of pronghorn in the meadows.

We returned by way of Cody. Although we had stopped at Walmart and Subway on our way in, we stopped at Walmart again on our way out. I'm not fond of the food in the park.

Below is a photograph of the hotel that Buffalo Bill Cody built for his daughter, Irma.

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