Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yellowstone: June 3, Tuesday. Lamar Valley to Mammoth, Baby Moose

We drove to Lamar Valley again and saw bison, pronghorn, and a fox. The fox darted across the street and I spotted him in the bushes, then coming out with a small rodent. He head back across the street and up a hill. Maybe he has a den there. We're still adjusting to the altitude, so it wasn't feasible to try and follow him.

Next, we drove to Mammoth. Enroute Mule took a picture of a coyote that he likes. Saunter is less than impressed.

At Mammoth, the grill was more promising than at Canyon and was equally packed.

We returned to Hayden Valley.

Went to the East Entrance and saw more bighorn sheep.

Then drove down to see how the moose calf was doing. While waiting for the moose to wake up, we visited the other photographers. The big lens people had arrived at 6:00 AM. They reported that the moose had tried to cross at 10:00. Once the calf had made it to shore, but couldn't get his footing and the current carried him down to the north side of the island where he was able to get his footing on a sandbar,

The moose woke up and the little one gamely tried again despite the pouring rain.

The crowd cheered as he got closer.

But, the current carried him down stream. Had he drowned? Would he drowned?

Over and over, he made it back to shore, The crowd wanted to wrap the 10 day old baby in a blanket. His mother just urged him on.

When I said he didn't make it. Mule said, "Did he drown?" But, no. He made it to shore again.

And, this time, he didn't try again. And stood on the island. Watching his mother graze on the other side . . . about 40 or 50 feet away.

He'd have to spend another night on the island. Hopefully, the water won't rise. the wolves or bears won't come. He's not out the woods yet.

Some photographers returned to their homes or motel rooms. One slept nearby in his car. We returned to our tent.

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