Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yellowstone June 8, Sunday Hayden Valley

Maybe the animals are celebrating the Sabbath. They were absent from the Hayden Valley area all day, with the exception of a couple of isolated bison. Unless the bison are in a majestic scenic area, we've became a little bored with them.

Mule wants wolf and more grizzly bear pictures. The problem is that the Yellowstone wolves are most active in morning twilight and that means getting up really early and then hoping that in the thousands of available acres, they'll chose to be by the road where we are. Bears are at least active at both ends of the day.

Last night we were sitting just north of Alumn Creek, waiting to see if anything interesting happened. Some one said that two grizzly bears were sighted just to the south around the corner. We drove there and squeezed into a vacated spot in the parking lot. I parked the car, got out, and we were told, "They went further south."

We and all the other cars took off to the south, reparked, and got out to look of the bears, theoretically a sow with a juvenile (cub that's a year old - not yet two years).

I looked where everyone pointed and could see the two dots moving on the distant ridge Even with my camera at 300mm (480 with the .6 crop factor), they were just dots. Bah Humbug! We've heard more reports of sows and cubs being by the road, close enough to kiss. Ya! That's what we want.

Hayden Valley below:

This is the bear that my camera saw with extreme cropping. Looks like Yogi Bear to me :)

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